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Fender Rhodes MK1 73

Fender Rhodes MK1 73

  • Vintage Fender Rhodes 73 Note Piano

    Made in 1973

    The piano is fully working and sounds great. It has just been fully voiced, tuned, and serviced.

    Brand new hammer tips have also just been installed.

    It comes with the sustain pedal and rod, but no legs or wooden lid, so you will need to put it on a stand. Any decent quality stand will do.

    There are some hairline cracks in some of the key tops, this is fairly common on pianos of this age and does not affect the feel or playing of the piano, they barely even show up in the photo.

    To summerise, it's a lovely, great sounding, fully functional, original vintage Fender Rhodes Piano, that has just been serviced, but due to the above mentioned things it is offered here at a low and very reasonable price. If you are looking for a piano to play and enjoy as a musical instrument, this could very well be the one.
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