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Audio mastering is the final stage of the music recording process, when recordings are given a final polish. A mastering engineer will bring songs together within a project, creating consistency, and ensuring greatest possible impact when played on different systems.


All commercially available music will have been mastered and it’s essential in getting the best results for your audio product.


At Rhodes Mastering Studios we use a collection of vintage analogue, and state of the art digital equipment, in an acoustically exellent room. Our active monitoring system, combined with our engineer's experience allows decisions to be made confidently, while being sympatheitic to the recorded music. 


If you are looking to squeeze every last inch of loudness out of your pre recorded music, there are plenty of plugins available that will help you achieve that.


If you want your music to be gently polished to bring out every last detail, retaining all of your precious dynamics while still effortlessly achiving some extra desired loudness, then please give us a call.

Vintage analogue equipment

We have an extensive collection of vintage analogue equipment.


We can master from analogue tape, 1/4" or 1/2". All of our machines are loveingly mantained, and always ready for action.


We have some very nice outboard processing too. Neve, Pultec, Tube Tech, Urei, Manley, GML, Lexicon, tc electronic, and more...

The finest digital convertors

We auditioned just about every available digital convertor in our studio. 


We just love the sound of the IZ convertors. We had used their multitrack recorder RADAR for years, so it was a familiar sound to us, and nothing else we heard made us wish to switch.

Experience, creativity, musicality.

Ever heard the phrase 'All the gear, and no idea'?


Many top end mastering places have hugely impressive spec lists. The problem is that if you don't attend the session, who is actually doing the mastering? 


At Rhodes Mastering Studios, all of our engineers are profesionals with many years of recording, producing, engineering, and mastering for induvidual singer and musicians, record companies, and well known acts.

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